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Bill is a writer of prose, a poet in his own mind, and self-proclaimed master of words. Long-windedness is due the personal enjoyment of his inside jokes, most of which fall on deaf ears. He calls himself an Author.

Being asked to explain myself as an author has yielded horrendous inner turmoil, me of the introverted persuasion. From my earliest days, fibs spilled out of my trembling lips when mother demanded to know what I was up to. Those who knew SARGE know that her shout brought fear to a dead rock and made even the clouds stand still. There is in me, deep within the psyche, an avoidance mechanism broken since time remembered. Whatever the technical definition of my malady, I will attempt to explain my journey into authorship with as much honesty as I can muster.

Translation: creative license will be used to polish my image wherever I can get away with it.

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Spiritual Expressions by Bill J.

The wonderful joy of anonymity is that the thoughts and experiences take center stage, not the one who penned them. I have been blessed on this journey of wholeness and share it gladly with the hope that just one other, seeking serenity will find what I have discovered through our Higher Power.



Fantasy Tales by r.e.joyce

I write to express the joys and adventures I have found in this world. Most come from the grace of being chosen to guide two beautiful souls through the adventure of growing up. It is my children, Stephanie, and Bill, who make this life worth living. The grandbabies are a marvelous recreation of the joys I experienced without the diaper changes – such a fabulous gift! Want to have a taste of the worlds my mind creates. Come and Join in the fun:


Thrillers by Wrathe W. Aceing

If you’re looking for dark, I have it. If you’re looking for empowered women, I have them. Shadow Soldiers is a series (books 1, 2, and 3 available) of novellas focused on exploring the world of the soldier, especially how their code of ethics is affected by the challenges of real evil in the world today. More morality play than action-adventure; these episodic stories ask the audience to judge their role in the world’s challenges. Join in the adventures here :


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Announce encouraging events While the solitary nature of scribing the next great novel continues, communities add the support and energy needed for many writers. By announcing your meetings in our Newsletter, you encourage many to join in the fun and you help to build a greater community of authors. Share what’s going on in the community to ensure that authors are kept in the loop!

Become the voice of encouragement You want your readers to think of you as more than just another author. Show them the person behind the pen-name, and interact on a more personal level. Our writing improves proportionally with the support we provide others on the journey (to disprove this theorem, provide five years of personal research data).

Create community for the writing process We each have an opportunity to be featured in our newsletter, by sharing ourselves we give writers insight into the process of successful authorship. Now that is the type of Writer’s Community I want to belong to!


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