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I found that writing down my experiences can be a marvelous journey, traveling further than one thinks possible.  It took me into a number of different worlds where my personality and my ideas could find their voice.  At first, I started looking for a doctor with a couch thinking I had split my personality and broken something.  Then I realized that the spirit of humankind is too wonderful to be kept in one small vessel.  It needs many to express the wonders it sees and partakes in.

The Life and Times of an Old Coot – an Author’s Explanation 2018

 Bill J. allowed me the gift of anonymity so that I could share my journey out of darkness and despair.  Please do not fret, mine was a gentle journey—I am much too cowardly to really dig deep into DIS-ease.  These writing on the process of becoming whole in God’s world keep all of me centered.

 Now r.e.joyce is just as it sounds—a celebration of the true joys of life.  From the moment of my daughter’s arrival, I was completely and hopelessly in love.   My son only compounded the joy of being able to guide two souls through childhood.  I promised them stories and, while it took so many years to complete the task, I offer them to all who want to imagine the power of love and the adventure of a life lived with purpose.  These are epic fantasies providing new worlds to color in the adventures of life.

Listen to the excerpt from Shadow Within Dark Places

Shadow Within Dark Places Video

Listen to an excerpt from Seven Stars of Midnight

TTTV Seven Stars of Midnight

Listen to an excerpt from The Finding

The Finding

Wrathe W. Aceing took me by surprise.  After so many years of wondering in magical lands, I was shocked by nightmares that asked deep and troubling questions about how we are going to deal with the growing evil that is in the real world.  These novellas delve into the psyche of the warrior and ask us, as a community, to ponder the challenges we face (or ignore) with evil growing closer and stronger than ever before.  It is hoped that debate will be sparked and solutions found. We cannot let evil continue to control the future of the world we leave our children.

 So I have multiple personas and multiple genres and messages that look more like rainbows than mission goals.  Curse me or praise me but take the time to wander around in my worlds.  You might just find something you like.


Books by r.e.joyce

The Finding – epic fantasy – 87000 words

Finding CoverAriah, from the moment of her transformation to Unicorn, is given a mission to find and stop the evil that has covered her valley in darkness.  Leaving the only home she knows, she bands with an elf maiden Dariel, a leopard, a grumpy wolf and even the young man Tarran for a journey of discovery seeking the Light of Savron that can stand up against the darkness.  As they seek, her horn changes color until in battle it turns crystal revealing her to be the Light of Savron.  Yet it is in the love of Dariel and Tarran that the true light is made complete.  While the world holds back the evil hordes, Ariah brings her precious friends before the darkness and returns the world to the light of love.

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Seven Starts of Midnight – epic fantasy – 102000 words

Seven Stars of Midnight CoverSeven Starts of Midnight is an epic fantasy thriller centered on a world at the brink of darkness.  The forces of evil, festering for centuries, erupt and seven heroes are called to save the world and rebuild the goodness of the earth.

Gathered together from all parts of the known world, our heroes lay their individual desires aside to become part of the adventure and by doing so build something new and worthy of praise.

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Shadows Within Dark Places – epic fantasy – (coming in 2013)

Shadows Within Dark Places Cover 1This epic fantasy finds an ancient world being plunged into chaos by an evil warlord and a creature from the swamps.  Heroes are called to take up the battle but it is a strange shadowy figure who guides them.

Jadarr is not seen and his character is continually questioned, but they choose to follow as he gathers together those who will serve the kingdom.  Is he evil or is he good?  Fairytale or sent by God?  Intertwined into the fabric of this world is a figure standing apart yet bringing those who seek goodness together.

Are we guided by unseen forces and are these forces reflected in the lives of unique individuals who pass through our lives and give us hope?  Look around and you will see that the mystery and majesty of ancient times is still with us today.

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Memory of Love – Fiction – Short Story – 1000 words

A Memory of Love CoverCapturing a glimpse of the tremendous depth of love.  This short story touches the center of a man’s love for the gift of commitment to another.

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 Books by Bill J.

 How Can We Find True Love… The Twelve Steps to Spirituality

12 Step stairsFinally, Christians can put to use the principles of the 12 Steps to change their lives. The peace and happiness that others have found is now available for everyone! How Can We Find True Love is a simple teaching from the Lord. It provides a pathway that unlocks an individual journey of healing and discipleship, as well as a tool to make us use our Christian fellowship for nourishment and community in our walk with Him. Read and use this book. Come and join those who choose the pathway of the Lord. Walk together, hand-in- hand with Him. Discover true love in our service to others. –

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 The Care and Feeding of the Mustard Seed and other Traditions of God’s Love for Us.

mustard seed coverThis workbook, companion to the book How Can I Find True Love…The Twelve Steps to Spirituality, is intended to guide and expand our understanding of the power of Christ. It will work around the principles of the 12 Steps in order to build a consistent process we can use over and over again in our lives as we come closer to our Savior and learn more about our commitment of love and service to the Lord.

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    A Journey Shared – meditations and poetry of a 12 Step walk

A Journey Shared CoverThese are complied writings and meditations on the journey I have come to see as the center of my life.  Please note that in the depths of the message stands a boy who has found so many wonderful ways to confuse and fail at this thing called wholeness but who has a wonderful feeling of being right where he needs to be.  Maybe this is the lesson.  His Nibs is running the show and I am just along for the merry ride. –  God Bless all – Bill J.

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The 21 Day Journey – Medications focused on each Step of Recovery

Step MeditationsMy dearest friend; I propose we go on a The 21 Day STEP Journey.  Deeping our spiritual relationship with our Creator is an ongoing process and using the Steps to accomplish this is meaningful and structured.  By spending time with one particular Step, we find ways to strengthen our connection with Jesus. Each PDF booklet brings you a Step and 21 days of daily mediations for you to use to deepen your understanding of God’s gift for you.

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The 21 Day Journey (Steps 1-12) – Medications focused on each Step of Recovery

W21 Day Journey - Steps 1 - 12ant to have the complete set?  The same great process of focusing 21 days on each step as you progress through our God given program.  If you are just starting to make the Steps part of your life or if you are looking for a renewal of your journey through the steps, these The 21 Day STEP Journey  books make a wonderful companion to your Step Study on your journey to enhance your spiritual growth?

The 21 Day STEP Journey allows you to concentrate your daily meditation on one Step enhancing your understanding of this God given gift of recovery.

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 A Special Lenten Journey with the Lord 

Lenten CoverMy dearest friends – There are special times in the year for a deeper meditation.  The Lenten Season allows us to reflect on the powerful gift of Our Savior in a special annual remembrance of his death and resurrection.

His gift is our eternal redemption.

A Special Lenten Journey with the Lord 20180212


Advent Book Cover

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