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Shadow Soldiers

Books by Wrathe W Aceing

Who will stand on the line and protect us from evil? Who will protect the ones who cannot defend themselves? The Shadow Soldier holds back the darkness so that we may live in the light.

First 3 Chapters of Mercy Strained Audio Book


Shadow Soldier Series Synopsis 20180915

Shadow Soldiers 1

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The Shadow Soldier Series explores the world of the mercenary, delving into the core moral challenges facing the warriors who chose to protect the many from the evils that erupt within our world. Each novella explores the challenges facing the professional soldier who is tempted by the very evil they protect us from. For those who have the fortitude, this is a journey into the minds and hearts of the soldier offering their lives to protect us.

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Shadow Soldiers 2

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This is a continuation of the stories and novellas delving into the lives and hearts of the warrior.

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Shadow Soldiers 3

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Once again, new and old friends from WCM seek out and destroy the evil that festers in the world.

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Recipes in the books

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