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Minerva Mysteries Project

Minerva Mysteries Project

Minerva Mysteries Cover 1Synopsis

This is a work of fiction.  Any and all comparisons to actual people, events or locations are happenstance.  This statement is made to protect the guilty.  The innocent know the truth and they are already set free.


Life, well lived is a series of unique encounters that transform dull existence into a wonderful adventure brimming with the passion that make being human wonderful.  The Minerva Mysteries follow the lives of three special siblings through the beginnings of the industrial age in America.  They solve worldly mysteries while exploring the wonders of sibling connections and life’s challenges.


CharactersExcerpt Notice


Bright, blond, and beautiful with a grace and style that captivates everyone she meets.  Underneath the glamour and grace, is a fully capable intelligence agent.  She lives in a man’s world and is succeeding beyond everyone’s expectation.

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The second born, dirty blond hair properly parted and groomed from the moment of birth.  Quiet and a bit stuffy, harping about his name being shortened and always focused on the details.  Robert holds the center line for the siblings.  Easily accepted within the law enforcement circles, he is slow to anger and effective in the politics of the day.

Boston (Bo)

His hair is both unruly and flaming red.  At first glance, you would have troubles calling him a cousin much less the third triplet.  From the moment of birth the world conspired to create his rowdy persona, starting off failing to give the big fisted adventure seeking sibling a name.